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Gayle and John Robinson started Lazy Jacks in 2002 in their hometown of Teignmouth, Devon with just one style – the original Lazy Jacks drill shirt. From there they pulled the orders, loaded up their car and delivered the shirts direct to a small number of locally based clients.

They quickly sold out and introduced their first sweatshirt, our bestselling product, the unisex fit LJ3 sweatshirt. Although our range has grown to include something for the whole family our authentic coastal style and high quality remains the same.

Fast forward 18 years the Lazy Jacks brand still resides in Devon, though we continue to grow and now supply over 400 independent shops throughout the UK, and a handful of stores in Europe. We are also continuing to open our own Lazy Jacks stand alone stores across the country.

We are constantly looking at ways to bring our coastal heritage style to more people while retaining our passion for delivering a much loved product and service that Lazy Jacks have become renowned for.

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