We are fortunate that Dalton Park is an outdoor centre and there is reasonable space to accommodate social distancing, whilst we hope, still creating an enjoyable shopping environment.

For the peace of mind and wellbeing of everyone at Dalton Park – shoppers, cleaning, security and store staff, we have introduced a set of shopping guidelines that we ask you to follow whilst visiting.


We have reduced capacity to ensure the malls are free flowing and not overcrowded. We appreciate your patience whilst we manage the capacity in the centre, please be aware you may be asked to queue at the entrance gates. Please respect the guidance from individual brands about how many visitors can safely be in their store at any one time.


As you make your way to your favourite stores please keep to the left, however you can cross the mall to visit stores on the opposite side. There are arrows and signage in place to help you. Please remember to always respect a 2 metre distance with other visitors throughout your visit. We understand you’ve missed your favourite stores recently but if a particular store has a queue that goes beyond the queuing markers please do not join the queue but return at a later time during your visit.


At each entrance and at toilet facilities we have placed hand sanitising stations for you to use to clean your hands. Please feel free to use these as often as you would like.


Many stores will only be accepting card or contactless payments, please follow instructions from store staff when making a purchase.


Our opening hours have changed. Dalton Park is currently open 10am to 5pm everyday, Monday to Sunday with selecetd stores. Please keep checking our webiste for updates on when more stores will be re-opening. Although we always aim for consistent opening hours across the centre please be aware that at the moment our stores may need to operate at further reduced hours due to staffing availability. We will try our best to keep our website updated with any changes however some may be last minute so advance notice may not always be possible.


We want to assure you that your comfort and wellbeing is our priority so we’ve made some toilet facilities available for you, you’ll find them opposite BB’s coffee shop and Starbucks however are they are reduced. The men’s and women’s multiple cubicles are currently closed but disabled and family are open.


Please be aware that the majority of seating has been removed from the mall areas. There are some restpoints outside Starbucks and BB’s coffee shop however these will be for priority users only and social distancing must always be respected.