From planting trees to feeding the bees…

It’s not just a buzz word to us, it’s part of what makes us Dalton Park.

Since we opened in 2003, sustainability has been at the forefront of our minds. County Durham welcomes over 17 million visits yearly. We are apart of this growing community and invested in making our space safe, sustainable, valued and fair for all to enjoy.

At Dalton Park, we are committed to improving our efforts to make sure Dalton Park operates as sustainably as possible for our future. Our ESG Strategy focuses on reducing fossil fuel reliance, supporting our community and ensuring accountable governance processes and procedures are in place for the successful delivery of our strategy and commitments.

From recycling and up-cycling, to planting trees to feeding the bees, we’re working together with our brand partners to do our bit for the environment.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are passionate about and take pride in protecting the environment around us. We will continue to work hard alongside the community and our partners to encourage responsible behavioural changes, introduce new sustainability initiatives, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve resource efficiency.

At Dalton Park, we are committed to delivering net zero carbon across all scopes of emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Pollinator park

Our Commitment to the Community

The community is at the heart of Dalton Park and we will continue to support our charity partners and local community to provide an inclusive space, provide positive well-being initiatives and contribute to expanding skills development.

Interested in collaborating with Dalton Park? We would love to hear from you. Visit Guest Services or contact the team on [email protected] to find out more.

What we’ve Already Committed to:

  • We’re a proud partner of Climate Action North, arranging eco-friendly initiatives across the centre and Parkland to help improve our carbon footprint, welcome wildlife and look after our surroundings as best as possible.
  • Planting trees across our Parkland each year and removal of all plastic tree covers and replacing with wood
  • Our ongoing commitment to using solar powered energy. Read more here
  • Opening of our on-site Pollinator Park.
  • On-site EV charging points, with more in the pipeline
  • Introduction of Dale the Eco Whale, a champion of recycling. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, Dale is making a splash in the fight for cleaner oceans, as we embark on a mission to turn old plastic bottles into recycled decorations. Read more here.
  • Regular litter picking in conjunction with local schools
  • We will also help to drive economic growth through supporting job creation and facilitating opportunities for businesses who operate in our local community
  • Water saving measures now in operation in all public toilets – water consumption reduced by a further 24.9% on 2010 (reduction of 39.5% on 2009). We’re now seeing a 77% saving on water usage since 2008
  • Landscape contractors requested to recycle as much as possible
  • Green waste removed from site and composted
  • All paper used is FSA accredited
  • Signed up to use “green” energy from supplier

“We’re committed to continually improving our efforts to make sure Dalton Park operates as sustainably as possible for our future”

Brilliant Brands

We’re championing the initiatives developed by our brands and we’ll be keeping you up to date with how you can get involved.

Sustainability Never Sleeps

And we know there’s always room to do better, so we’re looking at ways we can improve our sustainable efforts in the future. These include:-

  • Collection of glass, plastic bottles and plastic coat hangers
  • Better wastepaper collections
  • We have a dedicated sustainability officer on site
  • Consideration of eco-friendly materials for Christmas decorations