Since 2008, the management team at Dalton Park has worked with tenants to introduce energy saving and waste reduction initiatives and to maintain effective pollution prevention, as well as ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements.

Energy consumption

Electrical usage reduced by 82,511kwh or 16% v 2010 (landlord controlled areas)
CO2 reduced by 44.6 tonnes
Scheme usage down by 411,228kwh – equates to 8.1% reduction on 2010
CO2 reduced in the centre as a whole by 185 tonnes
Use of low emission dryers in toilets
Reduction in lamp usage – down by a third

Water saving

Water saving measures now in operation in all public toilets
Water consumption reduced by a further 24.9% on 2010 (reduction of 39.5% on 2009)
Now seeing a 77% saving on water usage since 2008

Waste management

Recycling now running at almost 100%, with 0% of waste going to landfill
Rebates for recycling income streams up by 49% on 2010
Discarded wooden pallets sent for recycling
No paper waste in toilets
With third party Dalton Park collects WEEE waste which is recycled off site


Future Plans

Collection of glass, plastic bottles and plastic coat hangers
Better waste paper collections
Hand picking waste in conjunction with waste partners will lead to more recycling at transfer stations
Feasibility study into solar energy is now in progress

Best Practise

Landscape contractors requested to recycle as much as possible
Green waste removed from site and composted
All paper is FSA accredited
Sign up to use “Green” energy from supplier
Utility vehicle leasing
Supporting ‘Earth Hour’
Recycling workshops for visitors