Meet Dalton! Our very own mascot!

A long time ago, I lived with my friends right here, in the area we now call Dalton Park. I had a very important job to care for all the animals and plants. Then the weather started to turn colder and colder and the trees and flowers began to wilt and die. This ‘ice age’ was far too cold for me, so I found a warm cave, near the centre of the earth and had a long sleep.

When I woke up hundreds of years had passed. I looked out but all I could see were heaps of rubble covering the land. Still no plants and animals! It was much warmer and I was fed up of hibernating, so I started to tidy it all up.

I planted trees and flowers to brighten the place up and people came from the towns nearby to see what I was doing. They loved the flowers so much that they helped to clear away the rubble and turn the land into a wildlife park for everyone to enjoy.

Children loved the park and were eager to come and play with me and this made me very happy! They decided to call the area ‘DALTON PARK’ after me.

And then because people enjoyed coming here so much it was time to build again so there were lots more fun things to do. With the leftover rubble I helped to make the parkland even more adventurous with bigger hills to climb and lots of space for animals to play and plants to grow.