Business Information

Commercialisation Opportunities

Exciting commercial opportunities, for new and established retailers and promoters, are available at Dalton Park Outlet Shopping & Leisure. The scheme has 12 promotional sites which are available on a short-term license basis. Further detail about the sites is available from Access Point.

Dalton Park Outlet Shopping & Leisure is a thriving and vibrant venue offering high footfall and competitive rates. It is an ideal venue for you to rent a promotional site for direct sales, to sample or advertise your products, for a food and beverage location or for an experiential campaign.

For more details please visit Access Point, call 01704 544999 or email [email protected]

Poster Advertising Opportunities

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have captive, low price and really effective ‘A3 washroom poster frames’ strategically placed in high dwell/captive areas such as ladies cubicle doors, above male urinals and hand dryers….prefect for reaching your target audience!

Client quote:
“How often would you stare at a newspaper advert – never! I like washroom advertising because it is 100% captive!”

Please email Simon Grant or call him on Free Phone 0800 915 4444 if you are interested in promoting your organisation exclusively (no competition to worry about) to thousands of locals in a proven way or visit

Environmental Policy

Dalton Park is a large Retail and Leisure Outlet Centre, located in County Durham, North East England and owned by Henderson UK Property PAIF. Dalton Park is managed at a local level by Realm Ltd.

Dalton Park recognises that retail park activities have an impact on the environment. As a result we have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) covering the management and operation of the Retail and Leisure Park, in accordance with requirements established in the international standard – ISO 14001:2004. This Policy Statement documents the core principles and operating conditions of the EMS.

All of our activities can, if uncontrolled, cause increased levels of risk to the environment and here at Dalton Park, we are committed to continual improvement and pollution prevention.

The EMS covers all operations associated with the infrastructure, maintenance and running of the Retail and Leisure Centre including:

  • General property repair and maintenance
  • M&E provision
  • Utility provision (electricity, water)
  • Utility consumption in common areas
  • Building security
  • Cleaning
  • Waste collection, management and disposal from tenant stores and restaurants
  • Telecommunications provision
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Emergency Response

Objectives and targets have been established and will be reviewed on a defined periodic basis. These will seek to address (amongst other issues) the following key aims:

  • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy use
  • To increase recycling facilities and recycling rates
  • To reduce water use
  • To reduce the environmental impact of transport
  • Improvement of waste management and focus on waste minimisation
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Improvement of awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst employees, contractors, tenants and visitors

All tenants are required to comply with environmental legislation and support the aims, objectives and targets of the EMS. However, individual tenant activities are not covered within the EMS.


Dalton Park is an open-air shopping centre set on one level with spacious walkways for ease of access and customer flow. We aim to provide an enjoyable, relaxed, stress free shopping experience in a friendly and welcoming environment and provide accessibility for all our visitors.

Arrival and Car Parking
Located just off the A19 on the B1285 Murton Road.
Car Park has traffic calming measures.
A drop off point is available with lowered curbs at the coach drop off point 10m from the Cinema entrance.
There are 73 widened spaces (3.8m with rear access).
There are 30 additional (parent and child) widened spaces.
Surface is tarmac.
There are three entrances to site – all access is level, smooth and wide.
Assistance can be offered on request, please contact 0191 5266500.
There is an accessible coach drop off point 10m from the Cinema entrance.
Help points are located at two points in car park (not near accessible bays).
Dalton Park is completely no smoking; ash bins are located at all entrances.
Signage is clear and concise although tactile and Braille is not yet available.

Entrance and Customer Services
Customer Services located at the McDonalds end of the Mall, opposite the play area and next to Cadburys.
All entrances are level, tarmac or smooth pavers and wide.
Entrance to Customer Services is via automatic doors.
Lighting is a combination of natural and diffused electric light.
This is the designated first aid station, 80% of staff are first aid trained.
Wheelchair and scooter hire is available; assistance from site to car is available.

Public Areas – General
The general site is completely level with no stairs or inclines, lifts or escalators.

An internal lift and escalator are available in Cineworld.
There is double door access to all shops.
Cash point machines are available at Main Entrance.
There are a number of rest points (benches) at various points around the Mall.
There is an inclusive play park for little visitors designed for children aged between 2 and 10 years old. The play area is outdoors and may not be open during inclement weather.

Public Areas – WC
There are two toilet blocks, one located opposite BB’s coffee shop and one opposite Starbucks.
There are accessible adapted toilets (Unisex) in each block as well as separate parent and child and baby change toilets. Emergency pull cords are linked direct to control room on site.
Emergency flashing lights are external to notify staff and passers by and an audible alarm sounds.
Doors to accessible toilets are single leaf fire doors.
Accessible toilets are 2m by 1.5m and have support rails in place, floors are ceramic tiles.
Access to all toilets is level.

This has been contoured from the original mine spoil heaps and is the best example of recycled land in the UK.
It represents habitats for wildlife as well as a pleasant area for visitors.
Walkways are gravelled which may be difficult for wheelchair access although they are wide. Two of the routes includes steps and one is completely free of steps.

Additional Information
Evacuation procedures are clear – an audible alert will be heard and customer announcements will be made over the tannoy system. Customer Service Officers will be on hand to assist with mall clearance.
Background music is played in individual shop units; Dalton Park cannot be responsible for the music level in these cases.
Although access to individual units is through double doors Dalton Park is not responsible for the layout of individual tenant’s shops.

Contact Details
Address- Dalton Park, Murton, County Durham SR7 9HU
Telephone- 01915266500
Fax- 01915264791
Email- [email protected]

Public Transport
Accessible Taxi – Local Taxis 0191 526 0637
Local Hire Companies – Mobility Direct 0191 383 1117
Local Public Transport – Travel Line 087012002233