Shop sustainably at Dalton Park.

Friday 1st September 2023

Sustainable alternatives are becoming a priority in many of our lives. It is refreshing to see more brands at Dalton Park making an environmentally minded difference.

Whether it is through new sustainable product ranges or recycling schemes, our brands are evolving. We have rounded up 5 of the latest sustainable products and services available at Dalton Park to help you shop more sustainably. 

Molton Brown

Molton Brown, known for its luxurious bath and body products is mindful of sustainability. The iconic British company is a pioneer in responsible sourcing and packaging. Almost all bottles are at least 50% recycled plastic and they offer refillable services.

Visit today and fill up your reusable glass bottles with their Hand Wash and Body Wash collections and make a difference.

Holland and Barrett

Leading the way with their sustainable options at Dalton Park, Holland and Barrett offer a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives. From organic food to supplements, and beauty options.

Look out for eco-friendly packaging, Vegan favourites, and products free from harmful chemicals. Discover and embrace planet-friendly solutions for a greener future with Ethique’s hair and body products.

With zero plastic packing, Ethique products don’t only save plastic waste going to landfills, but they also save space on your shower rack!


Combine style and sustainability with Chapelle’s gold recycling scheme by bringing in your pre-loved jewellery to recycle and refresh.

Chapelle can send your jewellery directly to their refiners who melt it down, remove impurities and turn it back into the pure gold needed to make new jewellery. This means that less new gold has to be mined. 

Recycle your pre-loved gold, silver and platinum with Chapelle and they’ll reward you with money off a new item in-store, a gift card or cash.

The Fragrance Shop

Did you know The Fragrance Shop offer refillable fragrances? You can refill your favourite fragrances, eliminate unnecessary bottle production, cut down on waste and save yourself a few pennies too. 

Find in-store Mugler Fountain refill stations at Dalton Park or order refills to your home. Find out more information here.

Find out more about how Dalton Park is committed to becoming more sustainable here.