Summer menu now launched at Pizza Express

Pizza express summer menu

Lighter evenings, longer days. The air is warm and the sky is bright.

You’ve looked forward to it all year – because nothing beats your favourite PizzaExpress pizza in the sunshine.

The new summer menu has now launched at PizzaExpress.

If you’re in the mood for something new, be sure to try the lighter Vegan Leggera Giardiniera – just under 600 calories! Or savour the deep-flavours of the bigger, thinner & crispier Quatro Carni Romana.

Finish off with Affogato – the classic combination of a strong espresso and creamy gelato, with a dash of salted caramel sauce.

So, head to PizzaExpress and prepare yourself for a summer of unbeatable flavours.

Pizza express summer menu Pizza express summer menu Pizza express summer menu


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